Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bleached Dip Dye.

Today is a good day! had the very last of my AS exams... so summer starts here! and with this in mind thought i would get my wardrobe kitted out :)
Had some super old Levis in the bottom of my draw but I wasn't too keen on the colour so thought I would give the Dip Dying a go (already tried it on my hair but didn't go so well haha) I think the shorts have turned out loads better actually so thought I would take a few shots of them.

oh and if anyone is wandering how I did it... I basically filled a bowl with bleach and a tiny bit of water to make it a little runnier and dunked them in.. hung them on the washing line for a couple of hours them chucked them in the washing machine... bish bash bosh..done :)

oh and this is my cat Henry.. the most grumpy creature ever! 


1 comment:

  1. it looks nice!!

    and haha, ive got a cat too! haha, mine is spoiled